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Tianchang Zhenhua Wire Drawing Dies Factory 


Tianchang Zhenhua Wire Drawing Dies Factory was founded in 1996 and located in the so-called "hometown of wire drawing dies" Tianchang City in the East Gate of Anhui Province. Our factory is adjacent to Yangzhou in the east with good location, convenient transportation and available information. There are beautiful environment and complete equipment in our factory. Our company is your ideal partner. 

       There are all kinds of specifications of wire drawing dies from 0.013mm to 20.00mm in our factory, including British De Beers poly-crystalline wire drawing dies, American Kang Parker poly-crystalline dies, module, Japanese Sumitomo wire drawing dies, domestic poly-crystalline dies, high crystal dies, tungsten steel dies, high-precision poly-crystalline dies, poly-crystalline dies, CVD wire drawing dies, SFCD wire drawing dies, titanium tin dies, extrusion dies, guide dies, coating dies, stranding dies and carbide wire drawing dies. We also produce a series of natural diamond wire drawing dies from 0.013mm to 1.40mm and provide the wire drawing dies manufacturers with free matching of dies and materials. 

 Our products of wire drawing dies are widely applied in cables, wires, electrical alloy, tungsten and molybdenum materials, stainless steel wires, gas protection welding wires and other metal calendering industries.
       There are 51 sets of wire drawing dies production equipment and 102 employees, including 78 technicians and 15 senior engineers. Over the past twelve years, our company has been learning the most advanced technology from other countries and increased one set of advanced tooling equipment. In addition, we focus on research and development in order to make the best wire drawing dies, of which the life span exceeds the national standard. Our factory continues to engage itself in technical improvements and developing new products so that all the wire drawing dies manufacturers can achieve a minimum cost and fineness and roundness will be enhanced to the highest level. 

        In order to meet customer’s needs, we continuously improve the management level of the factory. Our factory strictly complies with the standards of ISO9001: 2000, implements and maintains QMS, and has obtained the certification of CQC quality management system. Due to the advanced production equipment, perfect management system and ten years of production experience, our products are sold in more than 20 provinces and have been well received by our customers.


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